Today’s workplace is much different than the offices of the ‘50s and ‘60s we see on TV. Back then, you punched in, did your job for your paycheck, punched out, and went home to your family. In between, there was very little consideration of what the working environment was like or trying to mentor and nurture staff. Now, in our 24/7 plugged-in world, it’s vital to create a workspace that encourages both productivity and personal well-being for employees. Here are a few tips that can work for nearly any organization.

Have a Simple Set of Core Values (That are Reinforced Often)

A key to building a positive workplace culture is to make sure every member of your staff knows what your company stands for. The most effective way to do this is to establish a set of core values, attitudes, and attributes that you want to promote. Some great and common ones are integrity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Make posters with them listed and hang them up around your campus. Reference them frequently in staff meetings.

Work to Build Connections Between Colleagues

Collaboration and teamwork are cornerstones of positive workplace culture. They also help promote productivity. Far too many businesses have employees working in “silos” with tunnel vision, narrowly focused on their job description and tasks. The encouraging inter-departmental collaboration will help people understand how the different aspects of the business work and get employees to think bigger.

Follow Through on Initiatives

Few things are more deflating to morale than the promise of an initiative that is abandoned. If you take the time to present a plan to improve workplace culture, you need to do everything in your power to implement it. Sure, it may take on a different form, but be transparent about the process. If it absolutely cannot be done, explain why to the staff and ask for suggestions for an alternative.

Lift Top Performers As Positive Examples

The final piece in the puzzle is to identify cultural ambassadors, that is, model employees who have bought into your efforts. Praise and thank them publicly, and ask them to help by getting others on board.

Trying to make your organization a more positive place is a noble goal. It’s worth dedicating time and resources to as well. In the long run, the dividends of retaining great employees and being able to recruit others with your reputation as a warm workplace can be huge!